Clotilde and Luis Miguel are two board game collectors who have decided to start a new project related to their interests. Astrogolizontas is the name of their brand and their first product.

We create quality games, produced locally and committed to sustainability. We play to learn, remembering customs from long ago.

  • We chose a name according to the tone and specific needs, and developed an attractive, memorable and coherent graphic brand.

The Astrogolizonta is one of the most celebrated works by Polyclitus, created in the 5th century B.C. in honour of the tabas players. The taba or astragalus is a bone, usually made of lamb, located in the tarsus. Since Ancient Greece, people have used tabas to practice different games of skill and chance.

The graphic mark consists of a taba, flanked by six dots representing the pieces needed to enjoy the game. All the elements have been made from the main typography, achieving a more proportionate and harmonious result.

  • We create corporate illustrations that will accompany the brand in its applications, guaranteeing cohesion and graphic coherence to all the elements.
  • We carry out the packaging of the product taking care and attention to the final result.
  • We prepared an attractive, simple, beautiful and easy to navigate web page to make Astrogolizontas known to your audience.