Design of beer label with illustration for the artisan beer brand Caleya, as part of its Arte N’Asturias initiative.

Each beer is inspired by an artistic movement or period, and at La Magia Estudio we chose the Asturian Romanesque. In this way, we highlight the origin of Caleya and celebrate the cultural characteristics of our region.

We took as a reference different paintings and architectural elements of the time, in order to propose an illustration according to that artistic period. In addition, we inscribed the Caleya grouse at the centre of the composition, drawing inspiration from the medieval imagination for its posture and expression.

Finally, we opted for a type of vectorial illustration that would provide a modern and attractive finish to the project.

  • We designed the label inspired by the proposed style.
  • We did the visual composition of the content according to the needs and requirements of the product and the brand.