Special edition (very special!) on Mr. Blue Sky vinyl from the group Electric Light Orchestra. Our intention with this project is to transmit the vitality and optimism that this album gives us everyday.

  • We designed the disc box and a circular piece attached to the disc that makes that placed on the record player in movement, you can see cool effect of phenacystiscope.

The central element of the cover is a star, from which a fancy rainbow path emerges, falling through the frame in a cascade of colour. Graphically it shows that we are before a powerful song, which reaches the listener in a very special way.

We use colour with a high-contrast palette, which makes it easy for each element to be distinguished and which works to provide visual impact to the image.

We made a bright and vibrant illustration, with a radial composition, which placed on the moving record player acts as a phenakistoscope: a visual effect in which, by turning the record, an illusion of movement is generated in which one sees the star moving and waving to the bands of color.

  • With the phenacystiscope we bring to the edition more value, and try to take advantage of the possibility to work on a spinning surface.

The graphic elements start from basic shapes, achieving clear visual games and giving more power to the composition. Thus, we give the project a very particular tone, achieving a result that is attractive, simple and unique.