Covers made as a tribute to two great fantasy horror novels.

Bram Stoker’s illustration of Dracula presents the character fused with various monsters and animal elements to portray him as a grim character who emerged as the synthesis of ancient myths and superstitions.

On the other side, in the case of the cover for Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde, the two versions of our protagonist are presented fused into one being, even sharing the outfit, taking advantage of the wave of the hat’s brim to show naturally Dr. Jeckyll, darkened and small, and his other personality, laughing, with much more presence and graphic power.

In both cases we use pyramidal compositions that make the central character the protagonist on the cover. With respect to the drawing, to do so we use a brush of Indian ink on which we then digitally color, we use thick and modulated strokes with a large amount of shadow in the drawing to achieve a dark and very expressive drawing.

With respect to the colour palette, we approach it using two different ones for each one of the illustrations, composed only by two colours, this way, the elements that appear are clearly differentiated and mark with precision the tone that we want to give to each one of the covers.