“The present story, though true, cannot be read under the sunlight. I warn you, reader, don’t be fooled: turn on a light, but not an electric one, nor a gas one, not even an oil one, but one of those nice typical candles, of such a charming design, that barely illuminate, leaving most of the room in shadow. Or better still: don’t light anything; jump into the garden, and near the pond, where the magnolias spread exhilarating effluvium and the moon rails of silver, listen to the tale of the mandrake and the Baron of Helynagy.” The Talisman, Emilia Pardo Bazán.

Six covers of short stories made as a personal project, as a tribute to some of those tales that have accompanied us on rainy afternoons or sleepless nights.

With a simple and characteristic illustration style, we highlight the content and particular spirit of each story, opting for different compositions and chosing palettes based on the content and the tone of each of the stories.